Library Services

Central Library provides both the traditional as well as the electronic services to the students.

Traditional Services

In Traditional Services the issue return of library books, old question papers and syllabus of each department are given to the students.

E-library :

There is a well setup e-library in central library where any user can access the electronic documents like e-books e-journal subscribed by the Central Library and also can search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of central library and other education related sites.

Special Services :

The central library is a member of ‘inter library loan service’ of Vidyasagar University. Here any teacher by issuing a library card from central library of Debra Thana S. K.S Mahavidyalaya can lend a book or use the databases of Central Library of Vidyasagar University. This service is only for the full time and part time teachers of this college and it will may be given to the students with special permission of the authority.

In near future central library wants to give the book lending facilities to the guest teachers and want to create a ex-student reading card (one year only) for the 3rd year and post graduate students which will help them to prepare for deferent competitive exams.